Wednesday, 27 September 2017

David and Lee and their cat

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Went around to feed the cat, driving rain and strong winds but this intrepid cat feeder had a job to do.

Arrived at their place and usually cat is waiting for me but not today, strange I thought. So into the garage and heard a cat noise, the cat dish was empty but no cat. Suspected I had caught a neighbours cat having a snack. Filled the cat dish and went to burgle some silver beet and call for the cat, no sign or sound anywhere.

About to leave and gave a few more calls and heard a distant meow, I kept calling and kept hearing the cat, sounded like it was caught up a tree but could not see her anywhere.

Thought about this and decided to try the neighbour, asked her if she had seen the cat, she asked is it the lovely grey one, I said yes and she said no she had not seen it.

We wandered out the back of her house and there was a small garden shed with a locked door and was told it had been locked because of the wind. Anyway, opened the door and out ran the cat, absolutely delighted to be free and galloped off to to eat her dinner.

All is well

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